Thursday, October 10, 2019

October Spooky Writing Challenge 2019 Update

Hi Folks, it's Cie the Ornery Old Lady. Two days ago, I discovered the October Spooky Writing Challenge and decided to utilize it for three projects: 

This month's Naughty Netherworld Press release, Castle Necros.
A new Team Netherworld Tale in the Yadira Chronicles, Ketil and Yitzy's Adventures in the Xura Dream House.
A new Grover and Cactus Clem adventure, The Haunted House.

I have decided to add a fourth project to this list:

The only one of these projects that has a hard deadline is the Castle Necros project. It is due to be released on Halloween. Thus, the other projects will extend into November or even December as necessary to keep me from completely losing my already-cracked marbles, jumping out the window of the Grover Hotel, hobbling down Main Street to Route 77 (running is not an option in my physically compromised case), and getting run over by an oil tanker or dairy truck, which would force my son to roll my not-insubstantial carcass into a red wheelbarrow and bury me in a Pet Semetary.

I would take pity on my unsuspecting neighbors who were unaware that they had a Stephen King fan and Horror Harridan infiltrating their town, except that I keep to myself and don't bother anyone except for the occasional meandering to the general store to buy milk, the occasional bottle of vitamin water (the Fire flavor is my new obsession) or sometimes candy when I'm really feeling like candy is dandy and only those sticky Werther's caramels will do. I'm really a pretty good neighbor as long as you ignore the tortured screams emanating from my windows on a hot summer night.

I'm probably just watching Pet Sematary. 

But you never know--I may be forcing some unsuspecting victim to read my writing!

~Cie, the Ornery Old Lady~

Ghost Town Grover Sez: "Ornery's actually a purty good writer, but she forgits that she can't scare me, 'cause I'm a ghost myself. I just wanna leave the lights on fer Cactus Clem, 'cause he gits scairt easy."

Cactus Clem Sez: "I don't wanna hurt Ornery's feelings or nothin', but people ghosts ain't that scary. The scariest story I ever read was Four Funny Potatoes. I even wrote a review about it and everything. That there book was really scary!

If y'all buy a product through the General Store, we earn a small commission.
Proceeds go to one of three projects:
Into the Grover Hotel repair fund
To help Ornery with advertising costs
To pay for illustrations for Ornery's upcoming book project, Ed's Red Wheelbarrow. Ornery done hired Kamidiox, a Chibi artist from Mexico. You kin see her other work here.

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