Friday, October 4, 2019

REPOST: OctPoWriMo 2018: Day 4: Do Not Disturb

Image copyright Lilawind on Pixabay

I'm terribly sorry
(Well, no, not really
But it's the polite thing to say)
If my polychromatic, armored body 
Gave you a fright
But may I suggest
If you do not wish your body to be striped
With the pattern of my claws
It may be best
If my rest is not disturbed

~Ye Dragon Most Irritable~

Originally posted 4 October 2018 on my Ornery Poetry Blog for that year's OctPoWriMo.
Fandango had this wonderfully awful or awfully wonderful idea called Friday Flashback. The concept is simple. Each Friday, participants get back in time and repost a post they originally posted a year ago. If you're a noob who hasn't been blogging a year yet (or if you've been blogging for 15 years like me but have multiple blogs and some of the newer ones aren't quite a year old) you can get back a little less far in time and post a post you posted a month or so ago on the same date. For instance, this is October 4. If you have a post from September 4 or August 4 or the Fourth of July, you can repost that post.
If my attempt at explanation has turned your brain to toast, please proceed to Fandango's blog where he explains the concept a little more concisely!
Of course, Fandango had no way of knowing that I have multiple blogs or that I've been seeing myself coming and going today and have not accomplished much of anything I set out to do. I suppose the smart money would be on reposting something from a different blog every Friday rather than making Friday Repost Day, but I have a history of not going after the smart money. We will see what happens!

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