Friday, October 11, 2019

Carpe Diem Renga with Issa: Sparrows

spring peace--
after rain, a gang war
garden sparrows
the seeds that I have planted
are a victory buffet

don't let the plum blossom guard
cut your tongues...
let voices be a whisper
until you are safely past

are the sparrows too
having a private party?
plum blossoms
no, I was not invited
I now watch from the window

while I watch
he's off to make a living alone...
baby sparrow
sometimes the ones who leave home
invite the parents to stay

living in harmony--
the sparrow has
both parents!
will the parents be able
to live in harmony too?

on the tip of the
newly sprouted bamboo...
a baby sparrow
a small and innocent thing
in a world without a heart

~Issa and Cie~

The Hokku stanzas in these Tan Renga verses were composed by Kobayashi Issa (June 15, 1763 – January 5, 1828). The Akegu stanzas were written by me.
The Akegu in the last three verses are references to my son, without whose kindness I would be homeless. The property he bought will eventually also become home to his father who is currently living in Arizona helping his own father. When his father passes, he will sell the place in Arizona and move here.
We were divorced in 1994 when our son was four years old, and we have lived in roommate situations since then, although I was always relieved when he moved on to something else if I am honest. That probably won't happen this time, due to compromises in his health as well as mine. However, this is a big enough place that we should be able to keep from killing each other.

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