Sunday, April 7, 2024

The Episode Where Ornery Owl Eats Crow


Image by Dede from Pixabay
Creepy Crow
"Don't even think about it, ya bat-faced buzzard, or I'll peck yer eyes out!"

Calm down, Creepy. It's just an expression! It means I made a bit of a gaffe. Last week, I posted my criticisms of the Air Up water bottle without giving it a fair shake. Now, I'm here to give a more balanced review.

I mentioned that I had trouble getting the bottle to make bubbles when drinking, which is one of its key features. In order to do this, you need to make sure the plastic scent circle is pulled up. This somehow engages the bubbles. Otherwise, you're just drinking straight water without the fun effervescence. 

I've had the bottle for a week now, and it is helping me drink more water. This doesn't mean it's perfect, and I will honestly reveal the downsides. However, I like it well enough that I can suggest giving it a try with caveats.

The pros:

It does encourage me to drink more water.

I find the scent circle pleasant enough. It distracts from the fact that the water in my neck of the woods isn't the greatest. It helps me not miss the lemon tea-flavored, aspartame-sweetened powder I was stirring into my water, which made it more palatable but seemed to be giving me gallstones, which is mucho no bueno.

The cons:

As water bottles go, the Air Up is very expensive. There's no doubt that you can find cheaper water bottles.

Some people say they feel the scented plastic circles smell nasty. I don't think they do, but everyone is different. Do they make my water taste like actual peach tea or cherry cola or whatever? No, but I find them pleasant. 

So there you have it! I encourage you to do your research and draw your own conclusions. The Air Up isn't a perfect product, and some of you might hate it. Others of you may be like me and find that it's beneficial enough to offset the admissibly high cost.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Image by TAMGRA from Pixabay

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