Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Episode Where Ornery Owl 🦉 Buys An Overpriced Water 💧 Bottle

The question on everyone's mind (probably mostly mine) is:
Why the hell did you buy this overpriced water bottle, Ornery?

Well, Owlets, it's a little bit something like this.

The water here in Good Ole Grover isn't the best. I had been adding a tablespoon of Lipton sugar-free lemon tea powder to my water bottle to make for a better drinking experience. The problem is, that stuff is sweetened with aspartame, which seemed to be forming gallstones. I had pains in my upper right quadrant. This indicates possible gallbladder problems. When I stopped drinking the powdered tea, the pains stopped.

I was watching a podcast in which the host touted the glories of the Air Up, and I thought I'd try it because I miss my tea powder. 

Because I'll never try to capitalize by promoting products I won't recommend, I'm not giving you a referral link. Air Up is an overpriced water bottle with a smelly circle. 

The Air Up is supposed to trick your brain into thinking you're drinking a tasty beverage by creating an effervescent stream of bubbles when you sip. You smell the circle, drink the water, and then believe you're drinking soda, sparkling juice, or bubbly tea.

Some users think the scent circle smells bad. I don't think it smells bad, but it's way overpriced for what it delivers. I have trouble making the straw produce bubbles. 

I paid close to sixty dollars for the water bottle and a variety of smelly circles. 

I don't recommend this product. It's not worth the cost. 

~Ornery Owl Has Delivered the Verdict~

Image by Thomas from Pixabay

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