Ornery Housekeeping

Ornery ain't a very good housekeeper. Fact is, if she could use magic like Mickey Mouse to git the housekeepin' done, she'd do it in a heartbeat. She'd probably end up gittin' in a big ole fix like Mickey Mouse too!

Since Ornery don't care for housekeepin', she likes to collect tips and tricks so as she don't have to spend too much time doing it. Ornery may be ornery, but she's also generous, so she's gonna share them tips and tricks with y'all.

Y'all kin also buy Watkins Green Cleaning Products and other good stuff from our Watkins section here in the general store. C'mon in and browse to yer heart's content. And if y'all reckon that you'd like to set up yer very own Watkins store, that little link is where you kin find out how to do that too!

Yer ole pal,
Ghost Town Grover

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