Saturday, October 23, 2021

Helloween 2021 Day 23: My Unbelievable House


most find it unbelievable

that I am haunting a big house

filled with so much history

they always anticipated

that I would end up living on the street


I am still trying to create

order from the mess that is my life

it seems that each time I mend something

another thing breaks


I can trace this house's past

through the residents of the town

it was built in 1910

it is on the historical register


it started life as a hotel

it was once a house of ill repute

it has been a hospital and a church

a boarding house for teachers

and a bed and breakfast


the house was populated by idiots

at certain points in its existence

one selfish woman and her bratty children

destroyed beautiful artwork

created by the teachers who once lived here


there are similarities and differences

between the self-absorbed floozy

and the fix-and-flipper

she lived for her whims

he had tunnel vision


I find myself unsure

If I am making forward movement

I don’t have adequate money

To make more repairs


I find myself staring down the barrel

Of going back to work

I am still compromised

I could only work part-time


Disability doesn’t pay enough

And I’m tired of dealing with their guff

You can only amass $2000 in savings

You can only have one car


Never mind if you think it would be wise to have a backup vehicle

Or want to put aside some money

In case of emergencies


Or that $1380 per month

Only just pays the bills

And then they take back $140 of that

To pay the Medicare premiums


I would like to haunt my bruised old house on the prairie

Every day forever

I don’t want to return to my old job

Two hours away from home


Where I’ll have to get a hotel room

And be away from home three days a week

I just want to haunt my unbelievable home

I just want to be free at last


To be what I am

And not what everyone else

Thinks that I should be

But have failed to be


I want to be the real me

But I’m not entirely sure

What that is


369 words

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Free-use image from Open Clipart Vectors

los promptos

Prompt: Unbelievable

I used the word prompts for day 22 and didn't follow the prompt for day 23.

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