Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Watkins Wednesday: Weapons for your Arsenal

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

Disclosure/disclaimer: I am an independent affiliate for Watkins products. While I am a licensed medical professional (LPN), the following post in no way intended to replace medical advice given to you by your doctor or by professional organizations such as the CDC. This post contains suggestions for cleaning and potentially helping combat the COVID-19 virus.

Howdy Readers! The Grover Hotel Gang hopes you and your family are well and not going stir-crazy during this quarantine. I never thought I'd be writing a post about a viral outbreak, but here we are. I wish COVID-19 was an April Fools joke, but it looks like we're going to be stuck with it for a while.

Hand sanitizer is a good go-to for general usage between tasks where your hands may have been exposed to pathogens but not soiled. However, it needs to be understood that hand sanitizer has strictly antibacterial properties. Hand sanitizer will not combat COVID-19 or any other virus.

Washing your hands with soap and water is the best defense against viruses.

Now, here is a glimmer of good news in the gloom.

You don't need surgical-grade soap to protect yourself from COVID-19 or any other virus. Some people believe that antibacterial soaps are best, but in fact, it is best not to use antibacterial soaps for everyday handwashing. Also, antibacterial soaps are no better in protecting against viral infections than regular soap.

When you go to the page above, there is a link to the Watkins catalog in the upper right-hand corner. You can order from me, or you can do yourself a solid and become a consultant yourself. You will get discounts on your own products, and if that is all you use your membership for, that is perfectly okay. However, you can also make money selling the products to other folks and/or letting them know about the Watkins business opportunity. 

Your low annual membership fee (normally $29.95, but Watkins runs specials throughout the year) gets you a website like mine, which is built and maintained by Watkins. So if like me, your site design skills are lacking and your homemade web pages look like they were built by a toddler, it isn't a problem. You never have to build a webpage yourself. Plus, you get access to Watkins' other promotional materials and great support from your upline.

Now, here are a few of the products I recommend, not only for fighting COVID-19 but for everyday use around the house.

I have bragged about Watkins degreaser before, and that is because it is so useful and effective. It can't be beat for cleaning greasy stovetops and grills. You need just one tablespoon to a gallon of water. I keep a spray bottle of prepared degreaser in the kitchen, and I discovered a great trick for extending the life of sponges and kitchen brushes. 

I drop my kitchen towel and my sponges and brushes into the washing machine (yes, the washing machine.) I choose the smallest load size. One of my brushes has a liquid soap chamber, so I don't add detergent other than what's in this chamber. I add a tablespoon of degreaser and wash the items in hot water on the delicate cycle. I air dry the items after they have finished washing. Other than cloth towels, I do not recommend putting the items in the dryer. This process greatly extends the life of kitchen sponges and brushes.

If you get grease on your clothes, wash them in warm or hot water with degreaser.

I like to occasionally fill the sink with hot water and a tablespoon of degreaser. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes, then drain and wipe down.

You can also add a tablespoon of degreaser to your dishwater. It is safe and non-corrosive. It is fine to use on non-stick pans, but do not use it on cast iron. Do NOT use the degreaser in the dishwasher. It foams. You don't want to end up with sudsy water all over your kitchen floor.

 I would not recommend drinking the degreaser for the same reasons I wouldn't recommend drinking liquid soap. However, it is just as safe as dish detergent for cleaning dishes and kitchen surfaces.

Watkins also has a full line of dish soap and surface cleansing wipes suitable for household use. The wipes may be hard to come by at this time. They have been out of stock the last two times I've tried to order them for myself. 

Even mild soaps and detergents can dry your hands, so be sure to check out Watkins's line of hand and body lotions. 

I also recommend Watkins' wonderful air fresheners. I have asthma, and chemical air fresheners tend to trigger asthma attacks. Watkins air fresheners contain only non-toxic ingredients, and I've never had to reach for my inhaler after using them.

That's about it for now. I'm grumpy because I ordered a full line of Watkins extracts to make rock candy to sell during Grover Days this summer. If things keep going as they are, this ole hootenanny probably won't be happening this year, and even if it does happen, people may still be paranoid about eating homemade goodies. I reckon I'll stock up on cleaning supplies to showcase instead in the event that Grover Days isn't canceled.

The Grover Gang hopes you and yours stay safe and healthy and that this mess is over soon.

Best Wishes from The Ornery Old Owl
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Yer ole pal Ghost Town Grover

Yer ole pal Cactus Clem

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Come As You Are Party: Hiding in Plain Sight

Image by annca from Pixabay

I go through stretches of time where I tend to be very open about myself because I want to educate people about what it's like to live as someone who is seen as a pariah. By teaching people through my lived experience, I hope to open minds and hearts so that perhaps others won't have to be as lonely, ostracized, broken and broke as I've been.

I don't think it's worked very well. 

Sometimes I say "fuck it" and do it anyway, because maybe my words are what someone else needs to hear.

Sometimes I withdraw.

At this point, I'm withdrawing and restructuring.

I've decided that the Horror Harridans blog is, overall, a really stupid place to share my poetry. I've started publishing my poetry and sometimes submitting it to other places for potential publication. It's possible that readers think my poetry is pretty damn horrible, in which case it belongs on a blog called Horror Harridans. Like Trent Lane, I've been thinking about changing the name of the blog, but I'm not sure what I'd change it to just yet. Maybe just Team Netherworld Creations.

In any case, if you still have a burning desire to read my poetry, it can be found at--get ready for it--my poetry blog, which is currently called Dark Hearts Love Too.

If you appreciate reading the mental health stuff, it can be found at the Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp.

If you want to find out what's going on at the Grover Hotel, including cooking tips and products I'm selling and/or recommend, Good Stuff from Grover is where you want to be.

I'm still going to cross-post snippets on the Horror Harridans blog, but if the snippets are all you want, you'll probably prefer the official Naughty Netherworld Press blog.

If book reviews are your thing, head for The Ornery Book Emporium.

For product reviews, affiliate marketing, and things of that nature, head up to Aunt Cie's Attic.

If you want to read about philosophy and such, try One Love.

Maybe you just want animal posts. In that case, you can follow along at either Animal Anarchy or Aww the Animals.

Maybe you just want pleasant pictures with no bitching. In that case, you are looking for Cie's Wonderful World.

Want nothing but shitposts? Then That's So Netherworld is where you need to be!

This is something I wrote back in 2014. 

My writing may seem like so much weird shit to those who happen upon it. It may seem the product of overactive imaginations, oversensitive hearts, people who can’t hack reality but whose sober thought processes conjure up scenarios way weirder than any drug trip.

That may be how my work appears to the casual observer.

My stories are actually saying:

The stuff that’s going on in the world hurts me so damn bad to witness.

I just want to make a world where things are maybe a little crazy, often a whole lot of fun that I'm never able to have in reality, and where everything turns out okay in the end.

If that’s crazy, then I'm proud to be crazy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Real Cie
(aka Cie Cheesemeister)
aka The Ornery Old Lady
Head Buttmunch in Charge
Team Netherworld

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Wordy Thursday + Ornery Reviews: Chill Factor

Romantic Suspense

Two of Five Stars for Goodreads and Audible

This is a duplicate of my review of this product on Goodreads.
If readers purchase a copy of the book through the above link, I make a small commission from Amazon. The book isn't so bad that I refuse to link to it, it just was not my cup of tea. If you like tawdry thrillers, you might enjoy it.

I listened to this as an audiobook, and if I had taken a shot every time I found myself blurting out "oh, for Chuck's sake," (what I actually said rhymed with Chuck) or "ew," I would have been unconscious on the couch oozing alcohol out of my pores. 

It became clear pretty early in the game that this book was not going to be high on my list of favorites. Every one of the male characters aside from Scott, the eighteen-year-old high school senior and long-suffering son of the school's abusive athletic director, was odious. Ben was a passive-aggressive mysterious hunk. Dutch was a macho cop with anger issues. Wes was a military wannabe and an abusive husband and father. William, the pharmacist, was a creepy little weasel.  

These characters sound interesting, but they were tropes. From the moment that Lilly decides that she "shouldn't play the feminist card," I knew it was going to be one of THOSE books where the "strong, independent" female character learns that she needs a man to complete her. Most of the story's sex scenes were cringy because I can't stand it when women give in to passive-aggressive macho men. 

I finished listening to the book because I was curious who the killer was, and I have to admit, it was someone I didn't expect. Still, the ending seemed forced. Overall, I was not impressed.

Ornery Owl
Free use image from Open Clipart Vectors on Pixabay

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Watkins Wednesday: Win Free Vanilla

Who wants to win free Watkins vanilla plus an assortment of other goodies worth approximately $100?

If you do, click this link or the banner above!

You can also order Watkins vanilla and other products through my page. Or become a consultant for just $14.95 through March and get discounts on all your baking and other home needs. No quotas, no need to sell anything to anyone ever, unless you want to. The $14.95 covers your back office and promotional materials including your own website, built and maintained by Watkins.

Now, what is so great about Watkins vanilla?

The taste is what makes it so great. Use it in your baked goods. Make a fantastic buttercream icing. Mix Watkins vanilla and a little honey into plain yogurt for a natural treat, where you control the sweetness levels. Put a little vanilla extract in your coffee. Once you've tried Watkins vanilla, I'm sure you'll agree that it is a superior product.

• Made with natural flavors
• Ingredients all-natural derived
• No artificial flavors
• No artificial colors
• Non-GMO
• Corn Syrup Free
• Gluten-Free
• OK Kosher Certified
• Made in the USA

I became a consultant to get discounts on my products, and I'm hoping to spread the word about Watkins to my community. I'm extremely shy and not much to look at, so I figured the best way to do this was to let the products speak for themselves. This summer, I will be setting up a booth at the local rodeo and displaying the products plus featuring samples of candy and baked goods made with each of the extracts. 

I purchased all of the extracts plus some hand lotions for samplers, totaling $167. I paid only $137 as a consultant, plus I earned points on my order. 

I hope you will look into the Watkins opportunity and will take the chance to win free vanilla plus other goodies you're sure to enjoy.

~Cie the Ornery Old Lady~

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A Pot of Poetic Gold

All right, it's nowhere near as good as finding a pot of gold, but from March 17 until March 21, 2020, you can pick up the Ornery Old Lady's first book of poems absolutely free. But don't wait because, on March 22, the price returns to 99 cents.

Enjoy varied verses from melancholy to wacky in this virtual treasure trove of rhyme and free verse. Grab your copy today!

Why would you wait? Getting a good thing free is the second best thing to finding a pot of gold. And if you decide that the Ornery Old Lady's thing really isn't your thing, well, you spent exactly nothing to make that discovery, so you still come out ahead!

Ornery Owl
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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Come as You Are Party: Meet the Critters of the Grover Hotel

There are 3 cats here at the Grover Hotel. Giorgio is the oldest. He is 17. His former human family were jerks who had him declawed and then dropped him at the shelter when they got a new cat and Giorgio behaved like a normal cat and hissed at the newcomer.

Tara is 10 years old. She was born on 9 September 2009. I adopted her and her little half-brother or cousin at the same time. Sadly, he had to be put to sleep due to kidney failure on his 6th birthday, 17 July 2015. 

I've never gotten over losing him and I have a tattoo in his memory on my left shoulder.

Bart is 9 years old. He was adopted after Giorgio's housemate got out of the apartment that my son was living in at the time and we were never able to find her. 

Giorgio was lonely and we had seen Bart at the shelter while looking for Tori. Since Bart and Tara became housemates they have enjoyed playing together. They are evenly matched and love to roughhouse and chase each other.

For those who haven't had the displeasure of virtually meeting me previously, I'm Cie, AKA the Ornery Old Lady. I'm a former home health nurse, and caregiver, now disabled. I live here at the Grover Hotel with my son Michael, who will be 30 in May. 

My son is a creative person who enjoys working with his hands. He does woodcarving, primarily chip carving, which is a relief style. If you have a design in mind, you can email me at and I'll put you in touch with him.

Ghost Town Grover may seem gruff at first, but he's just protective of the ole Grover Hotel. Don't tell him, but he's just about the un-scariest ghost you'll ever meet.

Cactus Clem is one of a kind. He's a mutant cactus man. He doesn't eat solid food, but he sure does love to drink, and he ain't picky about what he's drinking. Beer, ditch water, lemonade, whiskey, white lightning, more beer, it's all the same to Clem!

Do not challenge Clem to a drinking contest. You will lose. Alcohol doesn't get Clem drunk. He just likes the taste.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting the people and critters that reside here at the Grover Hotel. Feel free to stop by anytime. Our virtual home is open 24-7!

~Cie the Ornery Old Lady~

Ornery Owl
Free use image from Open Clipart Vectors on Pixabay

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Blow Your Stack Saturday: Why Blogging Awards are No Reward

This is a response to a post on Hugh's blog regarding the problems with blogging awards.

Please don't give me an award for this post!

When I was new to blogging back when pterodactyls filled the skies, I very eagerly participated in blogging awards, being quite excited to receive them. 

"Someone likes what I'm writing!" I said excitedly. 

However, the bloom came off the rose fairly quickly.

I had people get really nasty with me for giving them blogging awards, telling me not to annoy them with that crap. I genuinely didn't know I was doing anything wrong and felt really hurt.

I found receiving blogging awards to be more stressful than enjoyable. Fortunately, they don't come up very often anymore, but if they do, I decline them politely. Honestly, there's no reason to be nasty about it as some people are.

~Cie the Ornery Old Lady~

Ornery Owl
Free Use Image from Open Clipart Vectors on Pixabay

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Watkins Wednesday: Become a Consultant for $14.95 Through March

Click the banner now to learn more!

If you haven't checked out the Watkins opportunity yet, now is the perfect time to do so. The annual fee for your promotional materials package, including your own website which is built and maintained by Watkins, is already a good deal at just $29.95. But if you sign up as a consultant during March, you only pay half that amount.

I honestly only joined Watkins to get discounts on products for my own home, and if that's all you want to use your membership for, that's fine too. There are no sales or recruitment quotas. No-one from your upline will ever contact you to try and browbeat you into doing more. If the only reason you sign up is to get products like Watkins amazing all-natural, non-toxic degreaser at lower prices, that's completely legit. The degreaser is a superior and cost-effective product that you can feel good about using. Just one tablespoon to a gallon of water will have you cleaning up greasy messes without a fuss. It's the best for stovetops and grills.

Unlike some other home-based business opportunities which won't reveal the cost of membership upfront in order to force prospects to contact a desperate consultant who will then launch into a hard-sell presentation, Watkins is transparent about their very reasonable annual fee. You won't have anyone contacting you to try and force you to buy products or packages now or at any other time. And if you aren't handicapped by social anxiety like I am, you might even find that you are able to make Watkins your primary source of income. The products practically sell themselves.

Don't miss your chance to become a consultant for a long-lasting, time-tested home-based business selling useful, non-toxic cleaning products and delicious spices and extracts. Check out the Watkins opportunity today and pay half the normal fee if you sign up during March.

~Cie the Ornery Old Lady~

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Dinner at the Grover Hotel: Cooking With Stock

I'm all about cooking better, easier, and cheaper. One of my favorite tricks for adding flavor to savory food is replacing water with stock or broth. It adds flavor without a lot of extra expense. For instance, use broth or stock in rice instead of plain water. Your rice will go from bland to savory effortlessly.

Beef stock has its place, but for everyday use, I prefer either chicken stock or vegetable stock as they have a milder flavor. I generally buy chicken stock in bulk at Costco, but it tends to be pretty inexpensive at most grocery chains and at Walmart. 

You can also save time and have a supply of stock delivered right to your door by ordering it here in Grover's General Store! We earn a small commission from Amazon for every purchase.

~Cie the Ornery Old Lady~

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Wednesday: White Chrysanthemum

White chrysanthemum
I look holding it straight
no dust at all
nothing can remain unchanged
all will become dust in time

~Basho & cie~

The Hokku was written by Matsuo Basho (1644 - 1694). The Ageku was created by me.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Carpe Diem Shikoku Island Pilgrimage: Vulture Peak

Vulture Peak

view with reverence
standing strong against the sky
mighty Vulture Peak


Carpe Diem Shikoku Island Pilgrimage: Sakura Temple

Sakura Temple, Shikoku Island

Sakura temple
I sang of cherry blossoms
when I was a girl


When I was in the fourth grade, we learned about Japan. We sang a little song about Sakura. These days I wonder if the school would have been accused of some sort of disrespect or cultural appropriation. I have trouble understanding how learning about other cultures is a bad thing. Shouldn't we try and understand each other? I guess I'm just too old to be "woke."

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Tan Renga Wednesday on Saturday: Cherry Trees in Full Bloom

springtime is coming
hope to put the longer days
to practical use
shadows become longer
cherry tree in full bloom grows

~Chèvrefeuille & cie~

Once my son and I are done clearing out that blasted mobile home (the one where I lived for 18 years and he lived for close to ten) we will finally be able to concentrate on what we want to do with our new home. I would like to plant a few dwarf fruit trees. I've always loved cherries, both as a fruit and a plant. I try to keep looking to the future, to have aspirations but also keep in mind the need for practicality due to my health issues.

The Ageku of this Renga is © Chèvrefeuille. The Hokku was written by me.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Money Monday + About Me Monday: WTF is an Influencer?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In my quest to try and return to blogging about ways to make and save money, I headed to the Rakuten website to copy my referral code. For those who aren't aware, Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a site where you can save money when you shop through their links. You can also get an extension for Chrome which will cue you if there is a potential to save money through Rakuten at a site where you are shopping.

There was also an invitation at Rakuten's site to apply to become an influencer.

At this point, most of us have probably heard the term "influencer." But like me, many of you may be saying "that's nice and all, but WTF is an influencer, really?"

According to this Quora site, an influencer is "a person who has the ability to make a group of people follow him and take him as an example due to his personality, authority, success, goals, values, abilities etc. He inspires people and becomes an anchor that keeps people together in other words he builds a community around him."

So, you know, probably not me.

According to YouTuber Critical, as seen in the video at the end of this post, an influencer is generally an egotistical douchebag who will go to extremes to feed their own narcissistic need for adulation. Hopefully, that isn't what people think of me.

Generally, I tend to see "influencers" as being fake. I don't do well with fake. I have no desire to be seen as a trend-setter. I don't care whether or not people think I'm attractive, and I am certainly not the height of fashion. I'm more like the anti-fashion broad.

I have something to say, but if I have to pretend to be something I'm not to get followers, then those are not the followers for me. I don't necessarily even want to be seen as a "leader." I make plenty of mistakes and if I decide to jump off a cliff, I don't want people jumping off after me just because I thought it was a good idea at the time. If I had my druthers, I'd like to be seen as a teacher who had the capacity to entertain.

I'm not an expert on...well, anything, really. I do know a little about blogging but I have a bit of a prickly personality and I don't play by the rules. I've been following a blogger named Janice Wald for several years now and I would recommend her to bloggers wanting to learn how to build a social media presence and monetize their online efforts.

There is a link to one of Janice's books at the end of the post. If you purchase the book through the link, I will receive a small commission from Amazon.

Janice has a weekly blog hop called Inspire Me Monday. I won't be linking there this week because this post isn't entirely family-friendly. My language didn't get too spicy, but my pal Critical definitely turns the profane heat up to Habanero!

Your Ornery Hostess with the Mostest,
Aunt Cie

Carpe Diem Love Month: Animal Friends: Senryu

all my little friends
there have been far too many
can't do it again


There are people who have said to me when I say that I won't get any more cats because I can't bear to lose any more cats that I'm being selfish.

I lost five cats in the space of five years, and I've lost many more before them. There are many that I can't think of without it bringing tears to my eyes. I've also lost quite a few people. I am pretty well numb with grief. I think that it's cruel to tell someone in my position that they are being "selfish" for wanting to avoid further pain. 

Inflicting guilt on someone who is already suffering is the ultimate in thoughtlessness.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation: The Cold Night

Image by aalmeidah from Pixabay

spring snow
purifies earth and heaven
the cold night

spring snow
covering flowers and trees
a threatening frost

covering flowers and trees
a spring freeze will destroy buds
a hard summer comes

the cold night
emerging from the dream world
the people awake


We were charged with creating a fusion-ku from the following two Haiku and a Troiku from the fusion-ku.

spring snow
purifies earth and heaven
our enemies perish

© Mizuhara Shûôshi

the cold night
comes out of the stones
all morning

© Jim Kacian

Come As You Are Party: Wired Differently or Just a Flake?

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay

It is my hope to back away from apologizing for who I am and instead explain about myself so that those I interact with might develop an understanding of those of us who are wired differently.

I have type 2 bipolar disorder and ADD as well as complex PTSD and OCD. I wasn't properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder or OCD until I was almost 40. I didn't know I had ADD until I was in my 50s. I was just always scolded for being forgetful and distracted. I have always vacillated between being Ms. Wonderful and being that flakey a-hole that everyone hates. I understand why it happens now, but I can't change the past. I wish people would try to understand me a little better, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

My son will be 30 this year. He is high-functioning autistic and has ADHD as well as anxiety issues and major depression. He is very intelligent and has read the entire Amber series (Roger Zelazny), much of Tolkien's writing, The Count of Monte Cristo, the works of C.S. Lewis, and the list goes on, but he can't learn from a textbook to save his life. I think the current educational system does a very poor job of addressing the needs of those who are not neurotypical. 

I technically also have a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, but it is my opinion that borderline personality disorder is actually a form of complex PTSD and is an outdated and sexist diagnosis. It is almost exclusively applied to girls and women. Everyone who has it has endured some form of trauma, whether physical, psychological, sexual or a combination thereof. 

~Cie the Ornery Old Lady~

Image copyright Open Clipart Vectors

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Wednesday: Wisteria Beans

Image by M W from Pixabay

wisteria beans
let's make that a theme for haikai
a flower fruit 
© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

the pods hang down like earrings
admire, but don't ever eat


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation: Renga With: Waiting for the Full Moon

Image by Chikai Du from Pixabay

the autumn wind:
thickets and fields also,
Fuha Barrier

© Basho

I look at the turning leaves
see future snow in the clouds

a dandelion
now and then interrupting
the butterfly's dream

© Chiyo-Ni

when I am a butterfly
will I ever dream of you

the thunderstorm having cleared up
the evening sun shines on a tree
where a cicada is chirping 

© Shiki

is there a cool night ahead
or restless humidity

simply trust:
do not also the petals flutter down,
just like that?

© Issa

I have never been the kind
to simply go with the flow

in nooks and corners
cold remains:
flowers of the plum

© Buson

promise of warmer weather
pleasant till scorching heat comes

ancient warriors ghosts
mists over the foreign highlands -
waiting for the full moon

© Chèvrefeuille

will your troubled soul drift in
for another lifelong fight


All the Ageku are belong to me.

Everything else has been credited.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Fat Friday: Thoughts from an Irritating Overweight Woman

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As my fan club of -666 readers knows, I review books for a living, such as it is.

I was presented with a book to possibly review, and was, initially, excited. It was a collection of short stories about a group of female friends.

The short story is an undervalued art and female friendships are an undervalued treasure. I was interested in reading this until I saw one of the characters described by another reviewer as "an irritating overweight woman."

The comment about the "irritating overweight woman" gave me pause. Why is her weight such a determining factor in her characterization? Many authors tend to write large people in a negative light. As a person who fights with my abusive partner ED (Eating Disorder) constantly, I don't really need to read works that vilify people who look like me. It's a shame because a good short story collection about female friendship sounded like just the ticket.

I decided to give the book a hard pass.

Authors (like society as a whole) love to scapegoat, stereotype, and vilify large people. I have enough problems wrestling with ED on a daily basis. I don't really need to read fiction putting down people who look like me yet again. ED does that quite often enough.

Fat and Ornery
Image copyright Open Clipart Vectors

Sly and Snarky
Image copyright juliahenze

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Wednesday: Winter Chrysanthemum

Winter chrysanthemum,
Wearing nothing
but its own light
I wear a sweatshirt for warmth
and think about my garden

~Mizuhara Shūōshi & cie~

The Hokku is © Mizuhara Shūōshi (1892-1981). The Ageku was written by yours truly.