The Printin' Press

Howdy, Folks! I've gotta admit that the ornery old lady is doin' a real swell job of gettin' the word out to the livin' about the General Store. She designed a real purty post card on that there futuristical computer of hers. Trouble is, she reckoned all the images on the page would come out the same, and they didn't. 
Knowin' I wouldn't be no help with that there technological tomfoolery, the ornery old lady done the smart thing and called in the professionals at Vista Print. So, now we'll have us some fine-lookin' postcards suitable fer framin' and hangin' up on yer wall, so's next time you need some tasty treats or handmade goods or you want editin' done on yer novel or to have yer fortune told, you'll know you ain't gotta look no further than Ghost Town Grover's General Store!

Yer ole pal,
Ghost Town Grover

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