Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Ornery Product Recommendations: Side by Side Fridge

The shelves of a standard fridge:
Great for "science projects"

The shelves of a side-by-side fridge:
Great for seeing what you've got on hand

Hi Folks, it's the Ornery Old Lady. For most of my life, the refrigerators I've had have been the kind where you have a small freezer compartment above and generally four deep-reaching horizontal shelves below with a couple of drawers under the lowest shelf.

For me, this kind of refrigerator is great if you like making "science projects." 

By "science projects" I mean leftover food that gets pushed to the back of the shelves and then hidden by newer food. When you finally have a chance to clean the fridge, you think you may have taken a wrong turn at a house of horrors and ended up in a mad scientist's lab.

I thought "that's just the way things are, and maybe now that I'm not working all kinds of crazy hours, I can be better about keeping track of what's in my fridge."

Fortunately, the fridge that was left behind here at the Grover Hotel made that easy for me.

I never had a side-by-side fridge before, but now that I do, I'll never have anything else.

The freezer is so much roomier than the freezer in a standard fridge and it has multiple shelves. With just two people, I haven't yet had to use the chest freezer that was left here at the Grover Hotel. 

I can see everything that's on the shelves. No more "science projects" pushed to the back! Yet there is still plenty of room for everything we need in a month, such as two five-dozen egg bundles from Costco, a few choices of meat for lunches and dinners, a big bag of onions, milk, coffee, tea, condiments. This fridge is everything I needed but didn't know I was missing!

If you're in the market for a new refrigerator, I enthusiastically suggest you make your next refrigerator a side-by-side fridge. It's easier to keep clean and I find that I am spending less money on food due to having less food go to waste.

Cie, the Ornery Old Lady

"Say, Grover, I know I was created by a mad scientist. Do you reckon I was a science project from his fridge?"

"Clem, I think yer too dang big to fit in an icebox. Unless it was a really big icebox."

Ghost Town Grover Sez:
"Git yer side-by-side fridge delivered right to your door real convenient-like when you order through my General Store! Prices are always competitive--feel free to shop and compare! All revenue from sales made through this here site goes into the Grover Hotel Repair Fund.

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