Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Carpe Diem #1756: Fly

Horsefly, aka Biting Buttmunch

get lost buzzing pest 
whether biting or buzzing
you are annoying


It seems that Grover and Cactus Clem forgot to tell me about the metric crap-ton of flies that reside on the Lone Prairie. Would you fellows care to explain yourselves?

Ghost Town Grover sez: "I'm awful sorry about lyin' by omission about all the flies 'round these parts, Ornery, but Cactus Clem said that if you knew about 'em you might not wanna move here. So I done kept my mouth shut and didn't say nothing about the flies. By the way, how the heck much is a metric crap-ton? Is that like a wheelbarrow-full? 'Cause I probably hauled lots of metric crap-tons of dirt outta the mine back when I was prospectin' fer gold."

Cactus Clem sez: "Grover, do you think I oughta lie by omission about the thing that Beavis and Butthead done in the living room to try and git rid of them flies?"

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