Thursday, October 17, 2019

Just one of those Lousy Days

The Curmudgeon's Club mascot still makes me grin from beyond the grave.

Sometimes even when you're living in the construction zone--er-- the house of your dreams and working for the biggest asswipe of a boss, but you can't help smiling because that asswipe of a boss is YOU, there are still days that are better once they've been eaten by the Langoliers.

This was one of those days.
I came away from my grand, high-tech work station...

Okay, it's my five-year-old computer sitting on a busted-up $40 shelving arrangement from Wal Mart in front of the old, dilapidated couch which is also my bed.

Anyway, I uprooted my ass from my workspace to go to the kitchen for something, only to see that there was water all over the floor in the hall.

I looked into the laundry room to see the drain hose lying on the floor spewing water.

I stuffed it back into the drain. It pulled back out.

I tried repositioning it.

No matter what I did, it still pulled back out.

The carpet will probably take a week to dry. It's going to be replaced anyway, but, like, not today. 

Resigning myself that I will have to put on my shoes for a week whenever I want to walk to the kitchen, I decided to try and make a "use up what you have left in the fridge" casserole.

Sometimes these are a success.

This one wasn't. 

The hamburger I had was touted as grade A, top of the line, the best. It left a lake of grease in my skillet. I think I prefer the less touted regular hamburger.

All of the ingredients were good but it just didn't taste that great. I opted not to make anyone else suffer through it.

Finding that I felt sleepy, I opted for a nap and had nightmares about creepy psycho children wearing Halloween masks invading my house.

Today was a terrible day.

I hope that tomorrow will be an improvement.


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