Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Ornery And Cactus Clem's Book Reviews: Four Funny Potatoes

Howdy Folks! It's yer ole pal, Ghost Town Grover, and the Ornery Old Lady has a book review to share with y'all. But before we get to the link to Ornery's review, I hope y'all can bear with me fer just a hot minute. You see, Cactus Clem wants to review the book too. I gotta admit, I was awful surprised when I heard that. I ain't sure what to expect, but I don't wanna hurt his feelings. So, here's Cactus Clem's official book review of Four Funny Potatoes.

Hiya peeple!
This here is Cactus Clem. I am a Cactus Man or per haps a Man Cactus. I live in the town of Grover, Colorado and this here is my very first book revue!
Grover red me this book, and I gotta say, this here is a reely scarey book if you are a Plant Peeple! I was quiverin in the cellar all nite and dreemin about giants eatin me like a pickle! So if you are a Plant Peeple, you got to be ware, cause this here book is SCAREY!
That is my revue for the Horror Story of Four Funny Potatos. I hope it was helpful to you!
Yer pal,
Cactus Clem

Folks, I appreciate y'all abidin' Cactus Clem. Now I'm gonna turn y'all over to Ornery. If y'all want to read her official Online Book Club review of this here book (which I didn't think was scary at all, but don't tell Clem, 'cause I don't want him to feel bad or nothin'), just follow the link and it will take you right there!
If y'all wanna take a peek inside the book or just buy it right away, y'all can click on the picture at the bottom of this post.

Yer ole pal,
Ghost Town Grover

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