Thursday, September 12, 2019

Peace Frog Says Howdy from the Grover Hotel

Meet Peace Frog
Image copyright The Ornery Old Lady aka The Real Cie 
Ornery sez y'all are welcome to use the picture, but y'all gotta credit her 

Howdy, folks! Its yer ole pal Ghost Town Grover here, and I'd like y'all to meet the Grover Hotel's newest resident, Peace Frog. He lived with Ornery and her son at their townhome down in Denver, and now he's moved here. 

Peace Frog and Cactus Clem are mutual bad influences fer each other. The instant we set down fer a welcome poker game, Peacey fired up the peace pipe and Cactus Clem passed the White Lightnin'. Thing is, Cactus Clem don't get drunk from alcohol, he jest drinks any ole thing. But he does get high as a kite off the Wacky Tobaccy. Which I reckon is what they was smokin'. 

I don't know, 'cause I don't smoke. Unless y'all count smokin' up meats on the smoker that Ornery's son is hopin' to purchase. Now, that right there is my kind of smokin'!

I'm glad that Ornery and her son finally made it to the ole hotel an' brought Peace Frog with 'em. Right now, Ornery's room is the pantry off the kitchen. 

Ornery and her son was gonna have macaroni and cheese with baked beans fer dinner. Unfortunately, Ornery left the ole can opener in Denver, so they just had the mac and cheese. Lucky for them, I got some oatmeal on hand in the General Store! 

Well, I reckon I'd best make sure that Cactus Clem ain't leadin' Peace Frog astray out on the Lone Prairie. Ain't nothin' wants to eat Cactus Clem, 'cause he's too prickly, but a little ole frog might get gobbled up by any number of hungry critters!

Yer Pal,
Ghost Town Grover

Yer purchase from the General Store helps fund the repairs to the Grover Hotel!
The Mac and Cheese cooker is Ornery Certified. 
Ornery sez this one gits the Hat Trick.
It's cheap, easy to use, and does the job right.

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