Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Carpe Diem Acts of Devotion: St. Cuthbert's Way

approaching the end
of my time in this same place
I feel a bit lost
what awaits me at the end?
am I doomed to fail again?


Wanna just enjoy the poem without more claptrap from me? 
Cool! Your bus stops here.
For those of you who want to read into it a bit deeper, let's keep on truckin!
Here is a poem created by my pal, Ghost Town Grover.

When folks think of Colorado
They think of Aspen and Vail and Boulder
They ain't thinking about the prairie
Or places like Ault and Grover

Well, you know that where you find Grover, Cactus Clem must be nearby, and he has a few lines to share too.

Y'all, when folks think about Colorado
They think of marijuana and not clover
It's true that clover won't get you high
But I love the Lone Prairie, and you oughta come over!

Thank you, Grover and Clem. That was, as the barista on Open Mic Night at the Buttniks Coffee House said, organic.

Honestly, though, the picture above reminded me of a scene like this one from the Colorado Lifestyle blog.

For me, the drive along the highway through the seemingly endless prairie is far from boring.
Soon I'll be living there.
The big stuff gets moved Friday.

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