Monday, September 23, 2019

How To Make Delicious Steak In Yer Oven

Image by Ji-yeon Yun from Pixabay

Howdy, y'all! When yer lookin' fer a sure-fire, foolproof method to makin' delicious steak right in yer own oven, look no further than this here method.

First, yer gonna wanna sear yer steaks on both sides on the stovetop. Sear 'em till they're just nice and brown on both sides if you like 'em on the rare side like me, or cook 'em fer about five minutes a side if you like 'em more well done like Ornery does. For a nice, rich flavor, you'll wanna brown 'em in butter, or a little olive oil if that's yer preference.

While yer searin' them steaks, heat up yer oven to 400 degrees. If you've got a good cast-iron pan, ain't no need to switch pans. If yer usin' a non-stick pan, transfer yer steaks to an oven-safe pan. If yer using a separate oven-safe pan fer the steaks, make sure y'all preheat it in the oven before puttin' the steaks in.

Bake the steaks fer about 12-15 minutes if ya like 'em rare to medium like me, or around 20 minutes if you prefer 'em medium-well like Ornery.

Fer a tasty finish, sprinkle yer steaks with one of the scrumptious choices from Kinder's Seasonings. These here seasonings have all-natural ingredients like sea salt, pepper, and dried garlic, and none of the stuff you don't want.

If you got a leftover baked potato, you can slice it up in the pan and bake it along with the steak.

This here method is almost as good as grillin' yer steaks outside. If yer feelin' generous, y'all can even invite the neighbors over. Or, y'all can keep all that beefy goodness fer yerself and yer own kin!

Lucky fer me, Cactus Clem doesn't eat no solid food, so I ain't gotta feel bad about eatin' his portion too!

"But Grover, ghosts ain't gotta eat!" I hear some of you sayin'.

Folks, this ain't a matter of need so much as want. Although once you try this method, y'all might be be reckonin' that this here meaty craving is a need ya gotta feed!

Yer ole pal,
Ghost Town Grover

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