Saturday, November 9, 2019

Carpe Diem #1777: A Fusion of Seasons

Image by aalmeidah from Pixabay

cricket silence
between scraping sounds
autumn begins

© Jane Reichhold

it touches the line
of my fishing pole -
this summer moon

© Chiyo-Ni

summer fishing done
as the crickets fall silent
autumn now begins

summer fishing done
we must prepare for winter
weather is too warm

as the crickets fall silent
will they return in the spring
species fall extinct

autumn now begins
the season that I love best
should not be so warm


We were asked to create a fusion Haiku from the first two poems and then create a Troiku from the fusion Haiku. The Three Horses of the Apocalypse led my sleigh to weather that is unseasonably hot and dry. It should not be close to 80 degrees in Colorado in November. So I got all environmentally conscious on everyone and turned my Troiku to a Senryu, because that's the kind of thing I do.

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