Monday, May 27, 2019

Update From the Ornery Old Lady

Howdy People! I was startin' to wonder if the ornery old lady and her son had got scairt away by all the spooky folks here at the Grover Hotel. I was kinda gettin' used to the ole gal and her schemes to bring business to the general store, so I hitched me a ride to Denver in one of them big ole horseless covered wagons with eighteen wheels. 
When I found Ornery, she was makin' a batch of Avalanche cookies to ship to her friend. She said her friend is a guinea pig. This here modern world is really somethin' else if it's got walkin', talkin' guinea pigs on the loose among regular human folks!
When Ornery told me that shippin' these here cookies would cost fifteen bucks, I dang near flipped my lid. Ornery reckoned that she wouldn't be able to make any money off these cookies 'cause ain't nobody is crazy enough to pay fifteen bucks fer shippin' a parcel, but she's got an idea fer something she calls a mug cake mix that she oughta be able to ship lots cheaper.
Anyways, the only reason Ornery and her son ain't been around is cause they's waitin' fer some fancy feller called a "structural engineer" to come see the ole place and figure out how much it's gonna cost to make sure everything's up to code and all. Trouble is, he can't git here till the middle of June. Maybe he oughta try hitchin' a ride on one of them eighteen wheeler horseless carriages like I did when I went to see Ornery down in Denver. Them suckers will get him here in jig time!

Yer ole pal,
Ghost Town Grover

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