Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Howdy Folks! This here is the Grover Hotel an' Ghostly General Store, here in the li'l ole ghost town of Grover, Colorado. There's actually 154 livin' folks in town too, and now a couple more of 'em are gonna be movin' in an' renovatin' the hotel.
I wasn't none too happy about that at first. This place ain't been troubled by the living for a while now, and my Ghostly General Store is the place to be fer the Colorado haunts! But me and the ornery old lady who's movin' in here have reached an understanding. I'll be talkin' more about that in my next post.
I'd sure appreciate it if you'd bookmark this place and c'mon back to watch how things grow. The ornery old lady knows somethin' about this crazy computer stuff. Me, I just know what's good, and I plan to have plenty of it for y'all to buy!

Yer ole pal,
Ghost Town Grover

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