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Watkins Wednesday: Weapons for your Arsenal

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Disclosure/disclaimer: I am an independent affiliate for Watkins products. While I am a licensed medical professional (LPN), the following post in no way intended to replace medical advice given to you by your doctor or by professional organizations such as the CDC. This post contains suggestions for cleaning and potentially helping combat the COVID-19 virus.

Howdy Readers! The Grover Hotel Gang hopes you and your family are well and not going stir-crazy during this quarantine. I never thought I'd be writing a post about a viral outbreak, but here we are. I wish COVID-19 was an April Fools joke, but it looks like we're going to be stuck with it for a while.

Hand sanitizer is a good go-to for general usage between tasks where your hands may have been exposed to pathogens but not soiled. However, it needs to be understood that hand sanitizer has strictly antibacterial properties. Hand sanitizer will not combat COVID-19 or any other virus.

Washing your hands with soap and water is the best defense against viruses.

Now, here is a glimmer of good news in the gloom.

You don't need surgical-grade soap to protect yourself from COVID-19 or any other virus. Some people believe that antibacterial soaps are best, but in fact, it is best not to use antibacterial soaps for everyday handwashing. Also, antibacterial soaps are no better in protecting against viral infections than regular soap.

When you go to the page above, there is a link to the Watkins catalog in the upper right-hand corner. You can order from me, or you can do yourself a solid and become a consultant yourself. You will get discounts on your own products, and if that is all you use your membership for, that is perfectly okay. However, you can also make money selling the products to other folks and/or letting them know about the Watkins business opportunity. 

Your low annual membership fee (normally $29.95, but Watkins runs specials throughout the year) gets you a website like mine, which is built and maintained by Watkins. So if like me, your site design skills are lacking and your homemade web pages look like they were built by a toddler, it isn't a problem. You never have to build a webpage yourself. Plus, you get access to Watkins' other promotional materials and great support from your upline.

Now, here are a few of the products I recommend, not only for fighting COVID-19 but for everyday use around the house.

I have bragged about Watkins degreaser before, and that is because it is so useful and effective. It can't be beat for cleaning greasy stovetops and grills. You need just one tablespoon to a gallon of water. I keep a spray bottle of prepared degreaser in the kitchen, and I discovered a great trick for extending the life of sponges and kitchen brushes. 

I drop my kitchen towel and my sponges and brushes into the washing machine (yes, the washing machine.) I choose the smallest load size. One of my brushes has a liquid soap chamber, so I don't add detergent other than what's in this chamber. I add a tablespoon of degreaser and wash the items in hot water on the delicate cycle. I air dry the items after they have finished washing. Other than cloth towels, I do not recommend putting the items in the dryer. This process greatly extends the life of kitchen sponges and brushes.

If you get grease on your clothes, wash them in warm or hot water with degreaser.

I like to occasionally fill the sink with hot water and a tablespoon of degreaser. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes, then drain and wipe down.

You can also add a tablespoon of degreaser to your dishwater. It is safe and non-corrosive. It is fine to use on non-stick pans, but do not use it on cast iron. Do NOT use the degreaser in the dishwasher. It foams. You don't want to end up with sudsy water all over your kitchen floor.

 I would not recommend drinking the degreaser for the same reasons I wouldn't recommend drinking liquid soap. However, it is just as safe as dish detergent for cleaning dishes and kitchen surfaces.

Watkins also has a full line of dish soap and surface cleansing wipes suitable for household use. The wipes may be hard to come by at this time. They have been out of stock the last two times I've tried to order them for myself. 

Even mild soaps and detergents can dry your hands, so be sure to check out Watkins's line of hand and body lotions. 

I also recommend Watkins' wonderful air fresheners. I have asthma, and chemical air fresheners tend to trigger asthma attacks. Watkins air fresheners contain only non-toxic ingredients, and I've never had to reach for my inhaler after using them.

That's about it for now. I'm grumpy because I ordered a full line of Watkins extracts to make rock candy to sell during Grover Days this summer. If things keep going as they are, this ole hootenanny probably won't be happening this year, and even if it does happen, people may still be paranoid about eating homemade goodies. I reckon I'll stock up on cleaning supplies to showcase instead in the event that Grover Days isn't canceled.

The Grover Gang hopes you and yours stay safe and healthy and that this mess is over soon.

Best Wishes from The Ornery Old Owl
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