Friday, April 17, 2020

Multiple Ways to Save with Watkins

Disclosure: I am an independent affiliate for Watkins.

As those who have been following me for a while are aware, I signed up with Watkins to get discounts on my own products but realized that these are products that will sell themselves. Which is a good thing, considering that I have all the charisma of that crust that forms on the edge of a fried egg. I am not a good salesperson and am a terrible liar. Thus, I am a bad fit for promoting any sort of scheme or being a representative for a line of products that requires a monthly quota of any kind.

Since I'm the sort of person whose tendency is to hide when I hear a knock on the door and hope that whoever is there will go away, why would I want to get with selling or promoting anything, no matter how good the product is or how honest the company is?

I've never liked working for other people. My tendency to insomnia ensures that I have no set sleep pattern. I hate punching time clocks. Most of the time, I hate it when I go out in public and the public be there. I am much more of a social spider than a social butterfly. When I was younger and went to parties, I would find a plant to hide behind with my beer until I got drunk enough that my natural tendency to camouflage myself by trying to be the wallpaper wore off. Yet I always seemed to end up in jobs that involved heavy public contact rather than the sort of job that I would have preferred, which involved hiding in a basement sorting books or something of that nature.

Fast forward to late 2019. I am disabled and living in a remote rural area, looking for ways to potentially make money online. I remembered Watkins products as something I had looked into some 15 years previously but never pursued. I found the website and decided that the annual membership fee was reasonable enough that I would sign up. At the time, I only intended to use the membership to purchase my own products at a discount. However, I soon realized that Watkins products were good enough that even I could sell them.

I had designs on getting together a selection of products to promote at my town's annual rodeo, which probably isn't going to happen this year. I was going to make and sell rock candy to showcase the amazing line of Watkins extracts. I was also going to have samples of Watkins lotions and air fresheners.

In trying to make the best of a bad situation, I'm continuing to stockpile Watkins products, both for myself and for when the world is able to emerge from its protective cocoon. I always shop from the monthly specials, and I earn points towards bigger and better discounts. This month, for instance, I purchased not only spices and extracts for my baking pleasure but liniments and remedies and also dish soap. Watkins dish soap is effective, gentle, and contains only natural ingredients. As I discussed previously, COVID-19 has a fatty shell. Soap is your best defense against this sucker because it destroys the virus' fatty shell. Hand sanitizer is antibacterial and, thus, ineffective against COVID-19. 

I ordered approximately $163 worth of products from Watkins this month and paid only $133. Included in this order were five bottles of dish soap.  This dish soap is normally $6.99 per bottle, but I got mine for $5.99 each. A little of this soap goes a long way, and I now have enough to last me the rest of the year and possibly into next year. Hopefully, by then, scientists will have created a vaccine for COVID. I'll still be a recluse, but it won't be compulsory.


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