Sunday, February 2, 2020

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation: Renga with Friends

beach diamonds
a new day crystallized
in sunny surf foam
the taste of salt in the breeze
the smell of salt in the air

~Jane & cie~

cold spring breeze
makes the cherry blossom shiver
one heartbeat long
I am thinking of spring rain
the sky opening above

~Chèvrefeuille & cie~

The wind from Mt. Fuji
I put it on the fan.
Here, a souvenir from Edo
remembering my childhood
when I learned of Japan

~Basho & cie~

watch birth and death:
the lotus has already
opened its flower.
it waits for me to come home
back to a place without time

~Soseki Natsume & cie~

dervishes whirling
- seeking a higher consciousness
third eye opens
I am unsure if I want
to know the enlightenment

~Chèvrefeuille & cie~

flute melodies
across green ocean waves
spring meadows
do you remember our dream
floating away on spring breeze

~Jane & cie~

All of the Hokku were written by the authors indicated.
All of the Ageku were written by me.

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