Saturday, January 4, 2020

Ornery Reviews: The Alamo Drafthouse, Westminster, Colorado

"Have fun with those seats, Kiddies! I made them just for you!"

Rating: Two out of Five Stars

This is a duplicate of my review on Yelp.

This review has not been compensated. It is my personal, unsolicited opinion.

First the good. The employees at this theatre were very nice. The food has improved since the last time I was at an Alamo Drafthouse. It's still pricey, but about on par with someplace like Chili's.

Now the bad.

These were the most uncomfortable seats I've encountered in a long time. I have back problems and these seats did not support my back at all. Plus, the little trays are not movable. In order to rise from a seated position I have to be able to have my hips back and my torso bent forward, which was impossible to do with the tray in the way. I literally had to drop to my knees and rise from a kneeling position. My son and I drove from Northeastern Colorado to see the last Star Wars movie and decided that Emperor Palpatine must have designed these seats to torture prisoners.

In the future, we will go to the Alamo Drafthouse in Lakewood. It's a longer drive, but unless they've changed things, they have reasonably comfortable seats and little tables instead of immobile trays. I thought the seats at the planetarium were bad. I thought the seats at the Elvis Theatre were bad. These were worse.

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This has been an Ornery Review

"Well, that explains it, Ornery! I wondered why you were walkin' like you'd been stuck under a mine cart for four hours!"

"I like to go see the movin' pictures, but they don't never want me to come back, 'cause I end up leavin' spines in the seat cushions!"

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  1. I pretty much stopped going to movies because my back aches if I sit still that long.


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