Sunday, January 5, 2020

Ketil and Yitzy's Adventure in the Xura Dream House is FREE For Five Days!

Don't blink or you'll miss it!

In fact, don't blink until you've clicked the preview link and grabbed your FREE copy of Ketil and Yitzy's Adventure in the Xura Dream House. But hurry, this deal is only available between January 5 and January 9, 2020.

This unique novella is the first in a hopefully long-running series of New Cthulhu Mythos cliffhangers with that special blend of emotion, humor, and suspense that only Team Netherworld can provide.

In this snappy story, the spectral sorcerer Ketil Nagel sets out on a quest to save the cosmos from an ancient evil. During his short, miserable time on Earth in his most recent incarnation, Ketil was an underground metal musician who sacrificed himself to the vampire goddess Mormo on his twenty-fifth birthday, 6 June 1991. While searching for answers on the dead world Zetar 6, otherwise known as Zecor, Ketil encounters a renegade Yithian scientist. The pair decide that working together would benefit them both, and they set out for the cursed land of Xura, located in the storied Dreamlands of the Earth realm.

While preparing to enter the forboding Dream House, Ketil and Yitzy are approached by a pair of adventuring ghouls. "Little John" and "Robin Hood" are longtime chums who dabbled in the wrong magic for the right reasons and were transformed into ghouls following their demise during the influenza pandemic of 1918.

The four unlikely heroes join forces and step into the Dream House, where many perils and gateways to other worlds await them. Will they emerge triumphant, or will they wind up being just another group of desperate victims who go missing in the infamous structure?

If you enjoy suspenseful tales with a spine-tingling atmosphere and unexpected heroes, be sure to pick up your copy of this one-of-a-kind adventure today! Just click the preview link to check it out and make it yours.

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

Content Adviser
This book is rated R. It contains strong adult themes including suicide and torture. It includes frequent paranormal elements and contains scenes of gore and sci-fi terror. There is copious use of heavy profanity. The story contains no sex scenes, gratuitous or otherwise.

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