Monday, December 9, 2019

Ornery Reviews: Bittergate 2: The Wizard's Bane

Modern Fantasy

Five out of Five Stars

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The intense modern fantasy which took shape in Bittergate 1 continues with The Wizard's Bane. Although there are many fascinating characters in this moving and intricate tale, Drake is the one who, without a doubt, steals the show. This charming shape-shifting dragon is put to the test as he attempts to put right the wrongs done by the Wizard's Bane, the renegade band of centaurs intent on destroying Jedadiah Shine and all that is precious to him. Drake encounters new friends and enemies during his adventures. Meanwhile, the evil Zero is intent on continuing his quest for vengeance as well.
There is great peril at every turn in the secret mystical world which exists in tandem with the mundane world. The level of care taken in crafting this world and the characters that dwell therein is evident. For those who enjoy a detailed yet never boring story filled with sorcery, this book is sure to please.

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