Thursday, August 1, 2019

Carpe Diem Field of Flowers: A Million Poppies

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

strolling through a field
a million sleepy poppies
call me to join them


Ghost Town Grover sez:
I swear, I ain't ever followin' Cactus Clem nowhere again! This time he leaded me out on the Lone Prairie, an' when a tornado came along, we went into an ole abandoned farmhouse fer shelter. When we woke up, the house was settin' on top of an ole witch, an' man, was she angry. There was a bunch of dwarves hangin' around, an' they told us to go to the Emerald City to hitch a ride back home with the Odd Wizard in his balloon. The witch told us where to go too.

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Cactus Clem sez:
Y'all, that Land of Oz is a real hostile place! I was expectin' kangaroos an' wallabies, 'cause the other day I met this ghost who told me that he came from the land down under, an' that land is called Oz. He told me an' Grover all about the kangaroos an' wallabies and koala bears an' stuff. But I think that feller might of been confused, 'cause when me an' Grover ended up in the land of Oz, the only thing that didn't try to kill us was the dwarves. 
Them dwarves sent me an' Grover down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City, an' we ended up fallin' asleep in a poppy field. The worst part of the whole mess was them dang flyin' monkeys. They kept tryin' to tear pieces outta me fer a snack! And then there was grouchy ole witches everyplace. 
I'm shore glad to be back in Grover with Grover. The only witch around here is the Ornery Old Lady, an' there ain't no flyin' monkeys.

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