Thursday, August 8, 2019

Carpe Diem Field of Flowers 2019: Zinnia

I have a feeling
that zinnias will appear
in my new garden
a dainty-looking flower
which thrives in harsh places


Those of you who are only interested in the poetry can hop off the bus here.
Those who enjoy trivia and my Grover updates, keep on truckin' with me.
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that zinnias thrive in harsh climates. (Wikipedia entry here.) Another fun fact: they are native to scrub and dry grasslands.
Colorado has notoriously awful soil, but I remember my mother growing zinnias in her garden. I have a bad reputation as a plant murderer with a serious black thumb. Zinnias, however, seem like they might be able to withstand me.
Here are some recent images from the Grover Hotel renovation. The awful extension has been successfully removed, along with the back porch which was rotting and barely attached to the house. Our thanks to Northern Colorado Excavating for the assistance in removing this strange structure, which was serving as housing for wasps. Fortunately, no-one got stung.

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