Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Ladies of the Grover Hotel Support Ravelry

Ramblin' Rosie and Lariat Larry
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Nervous Ned and Darlin' Dolly
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Sheriff Austin and Deputy Dallas
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The good ole gals from the Ladies of the Grover Hotel and Ghostly General Store Club support the decision of the Ravelry crafting site to ban posts supporting Cheeto Stalin and his odious policies and behavior
We usually try to steer away from politickin' on this site (the Ornery Old Lady has a site devoted to politickin') but we wanted to declare our support for our fellow artisans in this important matter.
There has been a rise in tolerance for racist activity since the Orange Despot took office. We wish to make it clear that we do not support the Orange Despot and his hateful policies, the horrific treatment of Latino refugees being contained in crowded facilities with parents being separated from children, or this president's disdain for women, the working class, the disabled, and anyone who disagrees with him in the slightest. His is the behavior of a dictator, not an elected official in a democratic republic.
We stand against Cheeto Stalin's obvious admiration of and attempts to cozy up to dictators such as Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin.
This is not a matter of liberal versus conservative politics. This is a matter of rejecting a racist, sexist, immoral, and utterly unhinged demagogue.
We believe in truly making America great again: a great place for all its citizens, not only a soulless coalition of billionaires.

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