Saturday, April 17, 2021

Same Old Sob Story: Lone Prairie Version


I'm here to tell you a story
that you already know so well
six-time loser down on her luck
at least this afternoon
we'll be able to hit the food bank

pushed out of the city
because we couldn't afford to stay
the poor are not welcome
on the streets of concrete and asphalt
we didn't want to stay anyway

the moon on the prairie is pretty
the sky is big and on a summer day
the clouds look like ice cream floats
I like it better out here
but old habits and conditions die hard

I am still nowhere even close to having wealth
while I love my affordable crockery
that I purchased during those fleeting moments when I had the means
I wish that I could know security
one of the things that money can buy

I think I'll change the words of the song
to "make good with you"
or maybe "make good on what we do"
since I'm talking about family
specifically, my son

and having a successful life
here on the prairie
and nothing of romance
or any of that sort of nonsense
that I sure as hell don't need 

my own life is enough of a shambles
I don't need an overbearing father
or a spoiled little boy
in an overripe body
thinking that testosterone makes him the boss

I don't speak to much of anybody
I don't allow myself to think much on
things that are going to make me cry
but many days I feel as if my heart might pop
here inside my lonely bubble

I'm trying to get back into my routine
after a week of feeling attacked from many angles
I don't respond well to adversity
I guess the collection agency decided to leave me be
you can't get blood from a stone as they say

I'm still waiting on the delivery of my freezer


Day 15: Write a (Blank) Story poem.

Day 16:
Write a City poem.

Day 17: 
Write a Waiting poem.

Day 15: Write a poem about a habit you picked up from your parents.

Day 16: Write a Skeletonic verse.
I didn't do this.

Day 17: Write a poem about the moon.



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  1. Well, I for one loved your story/poem and I hope your freezer got delivered! And...I had no idea Alfredo was so easy to make. Too bad I don't like it. ;)


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