Sunday, May 10, 2020

Ornery Haiku: Super Flower Moon

through parted curtains
gold in partly cloudy sky
super flower moon


Ghost Town Grover Sez:
"Back in my minin' days, I loved ter see a big ole golden moon in the sky whilst lazin' 'round a campfire enjoyin' a swig of whiskey or a few with the fellers. But the thing I loved to see most was a big ole golden nugget down in the mine!"

Cactus Clem Sez:
"One of my most favorite things in all the wide world is takin' a stroll on a spring night with the full moon shinin' down on the Lone Prairie. 'Specially if I got a big ole jug of White Lightnin' to swig on now and again."

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  1. That's an awesome pic of the moon! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 12, open May 1 to 26. All party entries shared if social media buttons installed.

  2. What a beautiful Haiku! Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Take care and have a lovely week ahead!


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